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Mar 28 2012

Nine ways scientists can help improve science journalism: InSciOut

by Michelle in Blog posts

In a recent Guardian article , Dr Chris Chambers InSciOut, School of Psychology, Cardiff University  proposed a series of measures that scientists can take to improve the quality of science journalism. The piece was part of the run up to a debate at the Royal Institution involving Dr Chambers and the chief online editor of Nature, Ananyo Bhattacharya. The key points rasied are summarised on the InSciOut website here  The group are currently undertaking research to investigate the potential role of press releases in creating  misleading reports of science in the press, with a focus on biology and  health related press releases from the 20 ‘Russell Group’ universities in the  UK. The objective is to assess to what extent press releases are the source of  inaccuracies in news stories; whether certain phrases in press releases, while  not strictly inaccurate, routinely mislead; and to what extent more accurate or  cautious press releases suffer from lower press interest.

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